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All right, peeps. Plagiarism issue notwithstanding, I think most of us agree that the video for You & I was not so cool. And that this fandom could do better.

To put our money where our mouths are, RedOrchid has professed a deep desire to put together that video for Don’t Forget Where You Belong that a fan suggested, and which Ben Winston called “too cliché”. Which is where you, oh beautiful fandom, come in: Red needs help!

Specifically, she is looking for:

  • the original prompt/description-post, 
  • source material! (aka a whole bunch of vids of the boys that fit the narrative, as well as generic video material which might fit the story).

So, minions! Any help? Either reblog this post with links and material and stuff, or send Red a message. Let’s do this, yespleaseohmygod!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ETA: Here is the original prompt! Idea was by the awesome Robyn and Sabrina

Don’t Forget Where You Belong: the video starts out in an AU where One Direction never happens so we see all the boys separate from each other: working in a bakery, working at a restaurant/bar, playing footie and the park, etc. And things will happen like Zayn walks past the window of where Harry is working, but he’s looking down, Niall leaves his hat on a bench Liam sits on, but as the video goes on they all seem to feel like something is following them, something is missing. Zayn starts drawing and its faces he doesn’t know, Liam keeps passing by places with screens and 1D videos will suddenly flicker on as he passes by but he just misses them. Niall keeps staring at the guitar on the open night stage at the bar. And Harry and Louis brush right past each other and after they have both walked a bit more they both stop and turn around and lock eyes before they lose each other in the crowd, but then they both start pushing through trying to get to each other. And then during that bit with the clapping in the song, Zayn finishes the picture, Niall starts playing his guitar, Harry and Louis reach out and shake hands, then Liam finally catches the music video and suddenly the five of them find themselves in it. And realize this is where they belong. And finish the song

Will try to keep this post updated with the stuff that people suggest! 

Addition by awholenewlevelofcharm:

Hiya zarah5 I’m going to do it like this bc it’s to much to put in an ask.

I’ve been looking around youtube for a bit and here’s some material I could find (my laptop speakers aren’t working so I can’t promise these clips are any good though)

Niall in a pub: xx (maybe some footage of Niall playing the guitar at home, not realizing he could ever become famous with it x

The boys walking in slow-motion (idk it just seems like the type of footage you could use?): x

Footage of Zayn drawing: x and maybe you could use someone else’s drawing to show what Zayn is supposedly drawing? like if it flows into a close-up of the picture you could use footage from something like this x

I honestly don’t know if any of this is useable but at least it’s something: Harry walking in NY (x), Harry turning to the camera while walking (x)

Addition by saljfc:

Hiii so here you are some videos! (Love the project, let’s do this!)

Louis playing footie

Harry cooking things

Zayn drawing Louis

Zayn drawing

Someone drawing the boys, I think you could cut Zayn, he’s on the side

Niall playing guitar

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